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About Us

Landscape Artisans

Schumacher Companies is New England's oldest & most trusted name in landscaping. We are an engaging team of proud landscape professionals with one common goal: providing the absolute best in landscape construction, masonry, maintenance & garden design.
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In 2023, Schumacher Companies celebrated our 20th anniversary, marking the 55th year the Schumacher name has been providing New England with the absolute finest in landscaping construction, maintenance, and irrigation.
Our Story

The Family Farm

In 1965, the Schumacher family farm in Lexington inspired John Schumacher to found a landscaping business that eventually became one of the largest landscape companies in New England.

Today, John's son David Schumacher proudly continues his father’s tradition with Schumacher Companies, Inc.

CEO Message

David Schumacher

What connects Schumacher Companies to the Schumacher tradition is the pride we feel in creating works of lasting value, in achieving results that surpass expectations, and in honoring the visions that inspired them.

Ours is a dedication to quality that recalls an earlier era when working with the land was a skill acquired through years of hard work and apprenticeship. This is why I describe the people of The Schumacher Companies as landscape artisans.


Our Values

We take great pride in knowing that our horticultural care and masonry is unmatched in the region. Our love for the natural world, our thirst for knowledge, and our willingness for hard work are at the core of what we do and why we do it.


At Schumacher Companies, we understand the gritty nature and aesthetic spirit of landscaping. As craftsmen we take great pride in the quality of work we produce. Our projects are characterized by a meticulous attention to detail and the ability to inspire joy to all who experience them.


In every landscape there needs to be a balance between ecological purpose and aesthetic style. By remaining open to the best horticultural practices, Schumacher maintains this balance to achieve landscapes that flow gracefully between conservation zones and managed gardens.


We acknowledge the importance of using horticultural practices that benefit not only the aesthetic, but also the ecology. We are well versed in maintaining landscapes adjacent to conservation lands and make it a priority to nurture those ecosystems.

Our Team

The Company We Keep

We take great pride in creating delightful outdoor spaces, but we’re more proud of how we do it. We collaborate, we improve, and we care not just for the land but also for each other. This dual devotion to our craft and ourselves means we’re always using the most sustainable and efficient methods, and we’re always doing it together.
    Our Clients

    Servicing New England

    We value close, collaborative relationships with our clients. This creates a shared sense of purpose and an intimate understanding of the results they desire.

    Founded on this cornerstone, each project is then approached with a single-minded focus with no compromises made on the quality of materials or the execution of our craft. As a result of this approach, our work prospers, mirroring the enduring strength of our relationships with clients.

    Join the team.

    We're always looking to grow our team of dedicated landscape professionals. Check out our current job openings to submit an application directly through our website or email your resume to careers@schumachercompanies.com with the job title in the subject line.
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