We take great pride in creating delightful outdoor spaces - but even more proud of how we do it. Collaborate, improve, take care of the land & each other.

Landscape Construction

Our expertise in landscape construction is a testament to precision and innovation, to the blending of architectural finesse with natural elements to create enchanting outdoor spaces. We transform visions into tangible beauty, where every stone laid and every tree planted tells a story.
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Schumacher specializes in seamlessly blending structural elements into the natural landscape, creating exquisite stonework, pathways, and garden features that elevate outdoor spaces. Our skilled artisans meticulously approach their work to produce an aesthetic harmony that complements and enhances each project.

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We offer complete landscape maintenance care including specialized services such as horticulture and perennial garden care, vegetable garden planting and management, seasonal flower rotations for containers and garden beds, landscape enhancements, irrigation monitoring for water management, and special event preparation.
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Garden Design

We believe garden design is a fine-tuned balance of creativity and functionality. Gardens are more than just arrangements of flora; they're living canvases that reflect personal style and environmental balance. Our approach begins with attentive collaboration, where we listen intently to your vision and weave it into a comprehensive design plan.
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